Ah my first post, I figured I might as well get this blog rolling with my first post. My aim of my blog will most likely be of Classic Sega related stuff + whatever else that peeks my interest and that I feel like sharing on my blog. I probably wont post much of new Sega stuff as I don't really like the direction of Sega is going. Pretty much after the fall of the Dreamcast, I've not liked the direction the company went. If they happened to make something that I like and find of interest and post it.

But anyways here's a video of the anime Red Photon Zillion, off of Youtube. I love this song, and it brings back memories of my child hood of playing the Sega Master System game Zillion (and not knowing what the hell to do in it, and losing track of all the codes I need to memorize for it).

For lyrics (Japanese and English translated), click on the video to go to the videos page in a new window/tab and see the video description.

Enjoy >^_^<


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