According to Game Informer, the Conduit will feature a customizable HUD. Like say if you are use to seeing the radar, ammo count, health, etc, in certain places on other games and absolutely must have it like other games, then you will be happy with this feature (also apparently you can change the transparency of objects on the HUD as well). Although, I don't think I will personally change the HUD from what is already set by default. It is still cool that the developer, High Voltage Software wants to give us the choice to change things. On top of the flexibility of the HUD, they wanted to give flexibility to the controls as well. Everything from turning speed to cursor dead spots can be customized. There main priority is to make a game that is fully utilizes the Wii to the max, whether it be the Wii's unique controls or graphics power. I just hope this game turns out as great as it is seemingly going to turn out.

[Via Game Informer]


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