Yea yea yea, I know I haven't contributed to my blog... It's been several things, I've been pretty busy with handling affairs in my offline life... Like looking for work and whatnot and stuff... Also when I do have free time I am usually chilling with my friends or what ever. And times when I could I didn't feel up to it. But anyways here is some content RWAR! A blurry picture of Sonic CD for the Sega CD Sega Genesis add-on!!! Muhahahahaha!

Anyways I have real future content planned. I plan on finally getting around to reviewing a Mega Cart v1 that I have. I also have planned reviewing of various classic video games and what not, not all Sega... And I plan on having some other reviews of non-Sega stuff, including my unicomp keyboard, pictured behind the Sonic CD (trust me where I will be going with it, it will be good). And a review of a failed product, the Logitech Ifeel mouse. Should be good, I just need to have two things, free time, and get off my ass and do the reviews.

Well always hope everyone has been good, and plz remember to keep your speakers in proper placement, as if you don't you are supporting TERRORISM! As what the Sonic CD manual said to me... Or at least I think it said that to me...


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