I just got around to playing this. I found it to be very fun and addicting. It seems to combine GTA IV, with classic top down GTA's (such as GTA, GTA2, GTA london '69), DrugWars (such one that I believe everyone has played on their TI-83+ in high school at least once), and assortment of mini games for all around fun. Now about the mini-games... I actually hate them, I hate those mini-game compilations for the Wii or DS... I think they are a waste of space. But, GTA:CW on the other hand does mini-games in such a way that I actually like it. Like say for instance you are getting into a car and you have to hot-wire it to get it to start, the mini game would be to hot-wire the car before the car alarm goes off. I guess it wasn't me hating mini-games, but the execution of mini-games. I haven't played though the whole thing yet, but so far I am very much impressed with the game play. I would recommend it if you liked any of the top down GTA's of old.

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