I've been pretty much excited about this game ever since the basic concept of it was announced. If you have been waiting for a FPS for the Wii that caters to hard-core gamers, you should be excited about it to. From what I've seen, this isnt some random shyte shovelware game for the wii... They have been paying attention to graphics and textures (this will most likely meet or excede Super Mario Galaxy in terms of graphics), and getting gameplay right. This game will feature a online multiplayer mode and single player story line. I am unsure as of yet if their will be local multiplayer. I can't wait till it gets released in June, I might just preorder it (I usually only preorder games that come out in a series that I've known to like or like stuff from the person who imagined the game, like MGS4 or stuff that Hideo Kojima had a hand in). But yea, look forward to this game when it comes out, I don't think this game will disapoint....

[Via Kotaku]


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