Those of us who where aware of this game, have been waiting for a ill minute. By ill minute I really mean a ILL MINUTE. This game has been in the works for 12 years... let that marinate for a minute...

12 fucking years...

Okay yea, so those of use who know that in 2007 a trailer was released, and I for one was VERY excited. But then I remembered they they had a version that they where working on in 2001 and that version was canned. I did a search to find the consensus of what other people thought, and found that there was a earlier version that was canned that was in 1998. Now the 1998 version looked like a meh IMO, but the 2001 version looked pretty fucking sweet. I remember back in the day people where raving about the 2001 version. But yea, I am here to talk about what the fuck is going on with this whole thing, or at least what I think is going on.

Now as if you guys/ladies have been keeping up with things on gaming blogs and what not like I have this is whats been going on. 3drealms was like, "it's done when it's done" or some shit. Which I guess is understandable considering okay yea I guess they are trying to make a great game. But all of a sudden a few weeks ago, 3drealms posted on their blog page a goodbye post, which I am guessing means 3drealms has now shutdown as a dev studio due to funding issues. Now seeing that there is now a bunch of distraught fans who where expecting the game Duke Nukem Forever to be released. I for one was like wow, that's really messed up but whatever, they canned previous builds in the past.

But wait the plot thickens, now Take Two who I guess was in a agreement to release the game when it was finished is now suing the devs at 3drealms because they gave them 12million to finally complete Duke Nukem Forever. Now 3drealms is responding back that they never received one penny of the 12million. I believe Take Two is also demanding the source code for the game, I guess to finally push it out to people who are waiting for it and get the money back that they supposedly gave to 3drealms.

Alot of people are thinking no work was done at all on the game, and that 3drealms was just goofing off all the time. I for one don't think that and have evidence that shows they did some work, in fact as far as I can tell the game looked pretty much finished. But I don't know as I am not a tester or affiliated with 3drealms or what have you.

here is my evidence...

[a guy who interviews people at 3dr plays DNF and likes it]

[really cool leaked video of DNF, leaked after 3dr closing in 2009]

[the site for the person who did motion capture and 3d modling for DNF]

My final thoughts are, that I think there is at least a partially complete or near complete product floating around somewhere being worked on, or was being worked on. Do I think that it will be released? I speculate that it is highly conceivable that the game will be released. Why do I think that? Well one way or another a partial product has been made at least. If 3drealms does not/will not/doesn't want to finish it or just push it out, then Take Two will probably end up winning the law suit against them and get the source code and finish it and or release it and get the money that they sunk into the project back. You can also take into consideration that just before 3drealms closure, the parent company Apogee that was closed up until recently has just reopened. So it's also conceivable that Duke Nukem Forever gets moved over to Apogee and possibly finished/released by Apogee/Take Two.

So one way or the other, I think Duke Nukem Forever is going to be released as soon as the dust settles off of all this mess. Maybe it will be a awesome game that was worth the 12 year wait, or maybe it wont. But if it comes ill defiantly check it out. Either way... I am not holding my breath...


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